Youth exchange program “The future of Japan-Vietnam” 2016 – the fifth day

On 17th of November, delegate set off at 9:30am from the hotel to the subway, departed for Tokyo at 10:30am and arrived at 2pm.


The group visited to the Parliament building  and had a chance to learn about the building architecture and its history.


The delegates are free to explore rooms in the building: room for the presidents, main hall where the majority of importance meetings are  held


The center seat is for the Congress president, to the left of it belongs to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The nearest lower row are for congressmen, while seats to the left of the room are for the press


The delegates moved to the Olympic center to store their belongings and headed for Embassy of Vietnam to Japan. Vietnam Embassy to Japan is the organizer and co-operates with the Foundation of promoting exchanges between Japan and Vietnam founded by Congressman Ozawa. The youth exchange program “ The future of Japan- Vietnam” can not happen without the support of Vietnam Embassy to Japan.


The delegates had a chance to talk to Mr. Nguyen Duc Minh-a  representative of Vietnam Embassy to Japan. Mr. Minh shared a lot of information on exchange projects as well as his experience living in Japan.


At 6pm, the delegations had a meeting with Congressman Ozawa Ichirou and Japanese students.


10 students from 10 prestigious universities in Japan attended the meeting, sharing their experience and also learning new things from Vietnamese counterparts.


The students from Vietnam and Japan exchanged happily in the meeting.


Congressman Ozawa expressed his desire to maintain a long-term exchange program.


PhD. Nguyen Luong Hai Khoi, on behalf of VJPP-VEPR, expressed his appreciation to Congressman Ozawa and his desire to maintain the exchange program between Japan and Vietnam. Mr. Khoi also gave Congressman Ozawa a lacquer Vietnamese painting as a present.


Hien Anh, on behalf of Vietnamese students expressed her appreciation to Congressman Ozawaand Vietnam Embassy To Japan


Everyone enjoyed the meeting with lots of stories and cultural exchange performances.


At the end of the meeting, Mr. Shimpei Ota, representative of Congressman Ozawa’s office, awarded students with participation certificates.


Vietnam students also gave the Japanese students Vietnamese souvenir sand expressed their wish to meet again in the future.



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