Youth exchange program “The future of Japan-Vietnam” 2016 – the second day

After the exciting first day of the trip, Vietnamese delegates started off their second day with the visit to Asahi Beer Factory in Kanagawa province. This year marks the 120thanniversary of Asahi brand, one of the most loved beer in Japan.


Under the assistance of the staff, Vietnamese delegates gained more knowledge on the importance ingredients of the good beer as well as the professional production procedures.


The delegates taste the flavorful beer at storage temperature of -2 degrees Celsius.


The group has Sushi at the Kura Sushi – a rotary sushi restaurant. Sushi can be ordered here on the tablets.



Vietnamese delegates then visited Uji village, which is famous for matcha tea and sweets. They also went to Mitsuboshi shop 三ツ星  by Mr. Kanbayashi supplier of tributes to the Shogun


The current owner is the 16th generation of the family and  has achieved numerous international awards on tea. The delegates had a chance to learn about the art of tea from one of the leading masters of tea: from the right way to blend, stir tea to the way to enjoy tea with Mantsu biscuit




Finally, the group came to Kyoto – the ancient capital of Japan. The delegates went to the shopping center where the Kyoto tower is situated and also visited many pagodas. After that, the group returned to their hotel, ending their second day in the Land of the rising sun.



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