VEPR conducted field study in Japan

From 6th  to 12th March 2017, the survey team of Viet Nam Institute for Economic and Policy Research (VEPR) conducted fieldwork trips to Japan. The fieldwork is part of the project “Enhancing human resources exchange between Viet Nam and Japan with the trainees returned back after Trainee Programs” chaired by Viet Nam Institute for Economic and Policy Research (VEPR) and under the support of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

Leading the team is Dr. Nguyen Duc Thanh – President of VEPR. Participating the field trip are VEPR’s researcher, Clay Viet Nam’s project officer and Hai Phong Investment Trading and Construction Joint Stock Company. The survey aims to study the employment of the workers understanding Japanese business culture, including trainee, from which to find out solutions to nurture and develop the human resource for the supporting industry in Viet Nam. The fieldwork trip to Japan is part of the research which helps to figure out the behavior and motivation of related parties in Japan when they participate in the trainee program.

VEPR members and partners participate in the field trip

In the morning of 6th March, 2017, the team worked with the leader of Tokai Jinzai Trade Union. The Trade Union introduced the operating model of the organization, the process of receiving trainees from Japan and made comparisons of the level and skill of trainees they received from difference countries.

Meeting Representative at Tokai Jinzai Trade Union.

In the afternoon of 6th March, 2017, the study team continued to visit the Tokai Training Center, one of the organization training trainees in Japan before the trainees was moved to receiving companies to study and work.

President of Tokai Training Center introduces the company’s operating model.

Seeing the equipment supporting trainees in training process.

A class at Tokai Training Center

On 7th March, 2017, the research group met the new trainees of Tokai Jinzai Trade Union; then they worked with 03 companies which also receive trainees, located in Aichi Prefecture. They are Nakamuara Tekko Company, Sugi Seika Company and Sun Shield Company. At the meetings, the companies presented the field of the companies’ activity, the status of Vietnamese trainees working at the companies and the desire to improve the quality of the trainee program.

Talking to trainees who newly moved to Japan

Working with the Director of Nakamuara Tekko Company

Meeting the representative at Sugi Seika Company

In the morning of 8th March, 2017, the research team met representatives of the Nagoya Immigration Department to discuss the  policy on Vietnam-Japan Trainee Program. They also shared difficulties happening during the program.

Meeting Mr. Yamamoto Hideki, the representative of the Nagoya Immigration Deparment.

On the afternoon of 8th March, 2017, the research team worked with Ms. Tamaki Saito, Director of JITCO, a branch of Nagoya. Ms. Tamaki clearly explained JITCO’s structure how it operates and its position in the Trainee Program.

Working with Director of JITCO based in Nagoya

At the end of the afternoon, the VEPR’s team conferred with each other, summarized and analyzed the information collected during these field days.

Summarizing the information

In the morning of 9th March, 2017, the VEPR’s team worked with the representative of the Tagamawa Yogyou Trade Union and two companies receiving trainees of the Trade Union. The units provided useful information to the research team about the advantage and the disadvantage of trainees in Japan.

Working with the representative of Tagamawa Yogyou Trade and Union

In the afternoon of 9th March, 2017, the VEPR’s team surveyed two other receiving companies, Todoroki Tekko and Ishizaki Seika, and talked to trainees at these companies. At the moment, these companies are receiving quite a lot of trainees from Viet Nam studying and working at these companies.

Talking with the Vietnamese trainees working at Todoroki Tekko Company

Representative of Todoroki Tekko Company is introducing the company’s factory

Discussing with the representives of Todoroki Tekko Company about labor situation in the company

Working with the representative of Ishizaki Seika Company

Working with the representative of Ishizaki Seika Company

Preparing clothes to visit the bakery of the Ishizaki Seika Company

On 10th March, 2017, the study team moved to Shizouka prefecture, working with the representatives of Sanwa and trainees studying at the company. Sharing with VERP’s team, Mr. Tomoaki Kobyashi, President of the company, said that the company had made many efforts to help trainees studying in the Company, typically, there is a trainee participated in Speaking Contest in Japanese.

Meeting Mr. Tomoaki Kobayashi, President of Sanwa Company

Talking with trainees preparing to end the training time in Japan

On 11th March, the research team met Ms. Yoko Morinaga, Representative of the Hanamizuki Trade Union. Ms. YoKo Morinaga shared with the VEPR’s team the general information about the Trade Union that she is in charge of, compared the difficulty of trainees when working in companies in the field of agriculture with other industries.

Working with Ms. Yoko Morinaga, Representative of Hanamizuki Trade Union.

 Inquiring about  the learning of Vietnamese and Chinese trainees who new to Japan.

After 8 days of fieldwork in Japan, the research team learned basically about the practical work of Vietnamese trainees studying in Japan, working in factories belongs to the Trade Unions. The trip is the foundation for team to perform the project “ Tăng cường hợp tác và giao lưu Việt Nhật, trọng tâm là chương trình thực tập sinh kĩ năng” chaired by Viet Nam Institute for Economic and Policy Research (VEPR) and under the support of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

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